Personal, and business travel – including Tours & Cruises (Commercial & charter options)

Our bespoke services are designed to save you time and effort. Ninu Intercontinental handles all your travel arrangements –including organizing business trips, dream holidays, booking of private tours and cruises, etc.
Our diligent team remains valuable to you by taking care of these essential and time consuming tasks associated with traveling.
You need less things to be concerned about? Let us take this task off your to-do list!

Sourcing Luxury Items

Ninu Intercontinental supports your busy life by providing unparalleled access to the world of luxury through our expansive global connections.
Our resourceful team understands the importance of maintaining a lifestyle of luxury. We go the extra mile while sourcing and procuring luxury items — limited edition merchandise, automobiles, property, etc.
We aim to keep you dripping in the luxury lifestyle that you are accustomed to.

Facilitating Global Luxury Membership

Do you have access to global private memberships? At Ninu Intercontinental our clients live a lifestyle of luxury, and that luxury comes with global memberships which can be described in two words; Exclusive Access!
The Ninu team provides the support you need in order to access global luxury private memberships ranging from exclusive clubs and social networks to elite priority social clubs
Let us be your trusted concierge service!