Fiduciary Services

Ninu Intercontinental prioritizes and ensures that your best interests are met. With services ranging from advisory to bespoke –specifically tailored to your needs. Our dedicated team offers hands-on support for international real estate purchase and maintenance, Insurance advisory, recommendation of offshore bank accounts and many more. Contact us today to see how we can offer a trusted professional fiduciary perspective.

International Real Estate - Property purchase and maintenance

The Ninu team’s goal is to ensure that we bridge the gap between access to International real estate investment opportunities and our client’s need to get ROI in stable currency.
Do you get exhausted from extensive research and negotiations with real estate agents? That’s why Ninu Intercontinental provides you with hands-on support during the process of purchasing your investment property, maintaining and managing it. We assist in selecting investment properties in prime real estate locations across the world –London, Dubai, New York, Toronto etc.
Ninu Intercontinental’s clients enjoy a thoroughly hassle free investment property selection and ownership process. We facilitate structured ROI payment processes as well as property maintenance structures that give you peace of mind and confidence in your decision to purchase your investment property with us.
Our unparalleled support throughout the entire process is guaranteed.

Recommendation and facilitation of offshore banking

Are you interested in a relationship with a bank outside the country of your residence? Wouldn’t you want to hold your money and investments in a safe and stable economy? Well, we want that for you too.
Ninu Intercontinental offers professional recommendations and necessary facilitation throughout the entire process of attaining offshore banking. Our team ensures transparency, integrity, diligence and strong attention to detail throughout the entire process.