Governance Advisory

Governance is the bedrock of all successful wealthy families, institutions and leadership structures. Ninu Intercontinental has a solid understanding of how challenging it can be for you to perform regular checks and balances due to lack of proper governance.
Our dedicated team provides thorough governance advisory and compliance services based on industry best practices. Ninu Intercontinental’s solutions establish efficient structures, and strong internal controls to boost the successful operations of your family business, institutions, leadership structures, etc.
Ninu Intercontinental drives the sustained maintenance of exemplary corporate governance practices, –not limited to compliance, regulatory oversight and strong internal controls. Let us guide you through attaining the necessary systems and structures to keep your institution fully functional as a well oiled machine.

Insurance Advisory

Ninu Intercontinental provides specialized guidance on various risk management schemes. We are the intermediaries who bridge the gap between insurance companies and our clients. Our detail oriented team turns complex insurance policies into comprehensive easy to navigate policies for you.
Ninu Intercontinental guides our HNWI clients through the process of purchasing the most ideal insurance policies, ranging from business to individual coverages—Life, property, liability, automobile, health etc.
Do you need insurance? Make an informed decision, and let us have your back!

Family Business Advisory

Ninu Intercontinental is the backbone of the quintessential success behind family enterprises. We understand the importance of maintaining equilibrium between family values and business interest, creating sustainable progress and development across generations.
Our adroit team is well versed in family business management. We sustain a balance between transparency and integrity without compromising on the discretion and confidentiality our clients deserve. We are the external support you need to keep your family business thriving.

Philanthropy Services

Do you have a desire to give back to your community in order to support causes that you believe in?
Ninu Intercontinental assists in navigating the how, what and why of giving. We are here to guide you through the step-by-step process; from the selection of a charity or cause, to the facilitation of payment processes.
Our meticulous team assists you with creating sustainable influence for your community and preferred cause.
Trust us with your desire and watch it become a reality!