There has been a rise in the demand for second citizenship options as families and HNWIs attempt to protect themselves from times of economic and political uncertainty. Second citizenship acquisition is, among other things, a wealth preservation tool that can ensure security for you and your finances, provide visa-free entry into multiple countries, and also give you access to world-class healthcare and education.

The CBI initiative provides a solid backup plan that protects you and your family from the crippling effects of economic instability and social unrest.

This program offers multiple advantages:

  • Security: The CBI initiative is the perfect insurance plan for you and your family in times of threats to safety and security. It provides the option of leaving your home country in the event of political unrest or economic downturns. This option doesn’t only allow entry to another country but also poses no restrictions on return to your home country, as long as there are no laws against dual citizenship in your home country.
  • Visa-Free Travel: Individuals in some African countries like Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria have to face a lot of stress in the process of visa application. This process is such a hassle and on some occasions, it ends up unsuccessful. The CBI program offers a solution to this problem by providing visa-free access to multiple countries. For example, second citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda provides visa-free travel to 165 countries. This freedom provides multiple benefits, especially for entrepreneurs who value unrestricted travel access for the purpose of business establishment, expansion, and development.
  • Tax: Some countries offering CBI programs exempt their non-resident citizens from personal income tax except it is derived from that country. This legally reduces your tax burden ensuring effective wealth management and preservation.
  • Family: The CBI initiative 100% family-oriented in the sense that the application can be extended to your family members. Some CBI programs allow the inclusion of as many as 6 family members.
  • Education: The second citizenship initiative provides access to world-class educational systems. It also allows you to benefit from lower domestic tuition fees and in some cases full educational scholarships.

Ninu Intercontinental Investments is an authorized representative of the CBI programs of multiple countries. We have established offices in London, UK, and Lagos, Nigeria. At Ninu Investments, we go the extra mile for each client, ensuring your application is successfully processed. With a 99% application approval rate, you can be sure you’re in safe hands. Contact us to get started with your application.

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