If you’ve had the opportunity to sit with Nigerians having a round table talk, you’d hear them repeatedly mention how important it is to have a backup plan (plan B) in these times. With the 2023 elections around the corner and potential threats of economic and political downturns, getting a backup plan that ensures your security, as well as that of your family and assets, could prove lifesaving.

The citizenship by investment (CBI) program is that life-saving backup plan.

Citizenship by investment is a process by which you invest in a country’s development fund or government-approved real estate and get naturalized citizenship in return. You, however, have to ensure you are an individual of proven integrity. It’s a clear win-win situation where you put your investments into the economy of a country and get second citizenship (in that country) in return.

This provides multiple benefits like security for you and your loved ones, wherein you can travel to a safer and more secure environment in times when your home country is facing political or economic unrest or insecurity.

Another benefit is visa-free travel. We’ve all, at one point, queued at the immigration office for long hours to apply for a visa only to have this application denied for one reason or the other. The CBI program resolves this (sometimes unfruitful) hassle with unrestricted visa travel to multiple countries. Other noteworthy advantages include tax and of course money benefits which come as ROI from your investment in the country’s economy.

The CBI program guarantees security, wealth preservation, and other benefits while ensuring that you’re making a monetary profit. Show us a better insurance policy, we’d wait.

From the family standpoint, the CBI program stays one step ahead. Most Nigerians have an unshakable longing and appreciation for community. We wouldn’t digest the idea of implementing a backup plan for our safety without ensuring the same safety provisions for our family and loved ones. The CBI program is family-oriented allowing the extension of applications to your family members. Some of the countries offering this program allow you to extend this application to your loved ones at the same cost as a single applicant.


Ninu Intercontinental Investments provides African HNWIs with full hands-on support services during the investment process (from discovery up until finalization). We have provided a wide range of Nigerian HNWIs with citizenship and residency solutions and we are available to cater to your citizenship by investment needs, connecting you with the investment options that suit you.
Contact us for advice and support, and get started on that life-saving backup plan today.

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