To fully grasp the scope of this initiative, an understanding of citizenship and its entitlements has to be established.

Citizenship is the relationship between you and a specific nation wherein the nation grants you certain rights such as the right to vote, work, and own property. You, in return, accept the responsibility of upholding the customs and laws of that nation.
The conventional ways of obtaining citizenship include;
Birth: you are automatically a citizen of the nation you were born in
Marriage: if your spouse is a legal citizen of a nation, you are eligible to become a citizen as well through marriage.
Naturalization: this process allows you to obtain citizenship after fulfilling the requirement of residency in said country for several years (as stipulated by country laws).

However, since 1984, acquiring citizenship in a country by investing in its economy, has been prevalent.

Citizenship by investment is a process by which you invest in a country’s development fund or government-approved real estate and get naturalized citizenship in return. You, however, have to be an individual of proven integrity
In simpler terms, you are awarded second citizenship in a host country by investing in the economy of that country.
The citizenship by investment initiative legally grants citizenship status faster (and with less hassle) than conventional immigration processes.

There are many reasons why you should invest in second citizenship. These include:

Business expansion: CBI opens up a wide array of business expansion opportunities for you as an investor. With visa-free travel, you can carry out business in both your home country and other regions without the hassle of visa application processes.

Security: In times when your home country experiences unrest or any form of conflict, second citizenship in an economically stable and conflict-free country, can be life-saving.

Family: CBI programs are family-oriented. Applications can be extended to as many as 6 family members

Tax: Second citizenship is a means of legally reducing your tax burden ensuring your wealth is preserved and effectively managed.

Visa-free Travel: the CBI initiative is a legal way to eliminate the hassle of visa application processes whenever you need to travel. It provides visa-free access to multiple countries.

There are many reasons why people choose the CBI program. If you decide to acquire second citizenship, Ninu Intercontinental Investments is here to guide your application, ensuring that you get the best CBI plans suited for you. We are committed to building economic bridges from within the African continent to the rest of the world.

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