An Easy Citizenship By Investment (CBI) Guide For Africans

Many Africans have had to deal with the challenge of acquiring second citizenship. This could be attributed to government constraints, minimal access to investment opportunities, or other individual reasons. In the case of some African countries like Ethiopia and Tanzania which have informed their citizens that the acquisition of second citizenship puts them at the risk of losing that of their home country, we can only hope for more liberal laws.

However, citizens of African countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, and others have embraced investment opportunities that allow individuals to obtain second citizenship as a package deal. These programs allow you to obtain second citizenship in another country by investing in that country’s economy. Benefits of Citizenship by Investment include security, access to world-class healthcare and educational systems, visa-free travel, business expansion, and tax.

The CBI programs in Caribbean countries, particularly Antigua and Barbuda, have piqued the interest of African Investors. This is because of its family-oriented investment option that allows you to extend your application to as many as 3 family members at no additional cost. Simply put, if you, a single applicant, were to invest the minimum fee of $100,000 to acquire, you can opt to include 3 family members in this application and incur no extra cost. This is not the case with other countries which charge an additional fee for each family member depending on their age category. Second citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda comes with other attractive perks which include:

  • Global mobility: The Antigua and Barbuda passport allows you to travel visa-free to as many as 165 countries including the Schengen area, the UK, Hong Kong, India, and Russia. This allows you, as an investor, to diversify your investment portfolio.
  • Return on investment: The Antigua and Barbuda CBI program offers different types of investment options which include; national development fund contribution, real estate investment, and the West Indies fund. By choosing the real estate option, you acquire a property that provides monetary value. This property can be rented out or resold after being maintained for at least 5 years (the potential income from renting out real estate varies from 2 to 5% per annum). Citizenship would however be revoked if you sell this property before the completion of 5 years.
  • No Residency Requirements: Antigua & Barbuda does not require applicants to travel to or reside in the country throughout the application process.
  • Tax: The government of Antigua and Barbuda puts no tax on the worldwide income of its investors. This helps legally reduce your tax burden, ensuring wealth preservation.
  • Family-oriented: This is the most affordable program for a family of 4 (minimum investment- $100,000). It also puts no time restrictions on the addition of dependents (parents, grandparents, children) to your application.

Qualifications for Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship Program
To be eligible as an investor, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a person of outstanding character.
  • Hold no criminal record.
  • Reside in the country with family members included in the application for a minimum of 5 days within five years.
  • Be financially capable and not take a loan to make any of the investments listed below.

Antigua and Barbuda Investment Options
They include:

  • National development fund: You have the option of donating US$100,000 (for up to four people), or US$125,000 (for five people and more) to the National Development Fund. However, government and due diligence apply to each individual included.
  • Real Estate Investment: The pre-approved real estate option requires applicants to purchase property that can be resold after 5 years. Citizenship may be revoked if the property is sold within 5 years.

You may purchase a property at a minimum cost of US$400,000. There’s also the joint investments option which you and another applicant can take advantage of. To be eligible for the joint investment, each of you must invest a minimum of USD 200,000. Government and due diligence fees are also applicable to individuals choosing this option.

  • University of West Indies Fund: This option is only available for a family of four or more. As a benefit of this option, one member of the family will be entitled to a one-year scholarship at the University of the West Indies.

With an investment of US$150,000, a family of six is eligible to apply for citizenship. This cost is inclusive of processing and government fees. However, due diligence fees apply to each eligible dependent. This is the most inclusive option (with up to 6 family members) for large families in Antigua and Barbuda.

How to apply for second citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda
Ninu Intercontinental is an authorized representative of the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship By Investment Program. We are dedicated to offering full hands-on support services during the investment process, ensuring your application is processed and your passport is delivered.
For more information on the CBI process of Antigua and Barbuda, or any inquiries concerning the CBI programs of other Caribbean countries, contact us and get started with your application.

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